17 August 2014

Fuel Injection Console Is All Lit Up Again

With the third anniversary of when the writing that became Prince Bashful looming on the immediate horizon, we here at the Jackson Street tribe are still waiting with baited breath for some celebrity or otherwise well-known person or persons to recommend it to his or her devoted followers or million plus Twitter followers, thusly will make the book go viral which will in theory be the causation that Matt Laur interviews me on the Today show, and then nobody I know will ever have to worry about money anymore.

Until then, in the wake of Mom's debilitating stroke in mid-January, I, personally, am assuming the role of family errand & pizza delivery service. Mom is unable to drive again yet, so I have a keychain with a key to her car, a key to my house & a key to my sister's house, and most days out of seven in a week, I am the footsoldier for anything that my Mom, sister & brother might need. We also have purchased Motorola walkie-talkie-type radios, which help keep me connected to Mom - with me in the guesthouse & her some 50 feet West in the main house, my sister's.

Yes, I am renting my sister's guesthouse, which is affectionately named The Loft and also doubles as the headquarters for Studiosixtyse7en Publishing, my own company which both my books are published under.

I also have a ladyfriend, since this past February, which has made life much more bearable.

Fingers crossed for a celebrity endorser. Paris Hilton, I'm looking at you.

Until then, it's nice to be needed around here. It only helps that I love to drive a lot.

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  1. WOW Kendall!! You wrote a book or two!! Thats awesome!!

  2. WOW!! Kendall you wrote a book!! That is very impressive!!!