22 March 2012

Read, Dear!

Yesterday morning, I reviewed my personal finances and decided to bite the bullet - vowing to suffer any negative criticisms from my parents (and I knew they would be voiced, and they were) about what I was about to do. I did it. I bought a Kindle Fire from Amazon.com.

I wrote my current book, "Prince Bashful - a strip-club disc jockey's story" in a little under three months. I had always paid rapt attention in any and all English classes years ago. But I am almost embarrassed to admit that I have only read about 3 books cover to cover since Jr. High School.

Vicariously, through seeing how eagerly several friends & family members acquired their own copies of Prince Bashful, and after seeing how voraciously they devoured the text - one friend even reading the entire book in a single afternoon - something inside me clicked. I had abandoned an integral element of life before I'd even entered high school. I had stopped reading. I, too, had been a voracious reader. I always blamed my becoming disinterested in reading on J.R.R. Tolkein's Lord of The Rings trilogy being difficult to visualize.

For whatever reasons that had caused me to stop, I realized 2 mornings ago that since I have been missing-out on this part of life for over half of my life, it is time to reacquaint myself with reading.

My Kindle Fire is on its way, and here is my profile on Shelfari, which is a sub-site of Amazon.com.

Thanks to Amazon.com, Myra, Kevin, Wanda, David, BJ, HR, Fonda, Dezron and special thanks to Jay F. And anyone else who inspired me to make this quantum leap back into reading. Wish me luck.

...thanks for reading...


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20 March 2012

orbiting dragons and free downloads

With this past weekend's "free" status marketing promotion on Amazon.com, Prince Bashful accrued 255 downloads, which means (hopefully) that 255 people from across the globe are enjoying the book. I sincerely hope that people will continue to get their copies, and that the book's readership will steadily increase across the months to come.

Yesterday, I purchased some materials for drawing storyboards for the first stealthpilot1 book. I have all these images in my head that are mostly scene-settings for the book. There seems to be a large, orbiting craft shaped like a dragon that sp1 inhabits part of the time - the "throne room" being what would be the dragon's eyes with large, smoked-glass windows facing the nuclear blaze of the white-hot star. Maybe some interesting scenes will be set there.

There are also several machine-like companions that will play important roles in the books - especially notable: his number one mode of transportation.

to be continued...

...thanks for reading...


18 March 2012

new books, initial sketches/outlines

Today is my daughter's mother's 33rd birthday. Oddly enough I grabbed pen & notebook as a flood of ideas about the stealthpilot1 series of books (3) emerged, earlier this morning. As of right now, I have the 3 books' titles, the 3 colors the text on the books' covers will be (seems this matters), and the themes the 3 books will follow. All of this exists as sketches, diagrams & general storyboard-like scribblings into a notebook.

Seems it's progress towards a goal.

...thanks for reading...


10 March 2012

Prince Bashful, initial publishing notes

The initial reactions to the book's being "out there" is very humbling. One friend's smile was apparent through her voice over the phone, and the fact that she was smiling about the book being published in the first place was a compliment, especially coming from her.

Another friend wrote, "Your writing is superb. I'm hooked." Wow. What a huge compliment. What am I supposed to think about that? I have no formal training as far as writing. I just paid attention in Jr High and High School English classes.

My Dad has always been my biggest fan. Maybe my writing is destined to have more fans than him. That would be cool.

Another friend wondered if she was a main character in the book. This has me feeling a little guilty that I didn't write more about certain people and certain situations that occurred around certain times. I hope people that are aware they're in it aren't disappointed at how little they're mentioned. Maybe they won't be. I just hope they know how much their friendships meant, and mean, to me. And I hope everybody buys, reads & enjoys the book immensely.

...thanks for reading...