25 December 2012

Christ's Mass

I have spent the bulk of this Christmas Day thus far, alone, excepting for my dogs, which are numbered four, this year. At least until the puppies are old enough to be weaned off mother Pennie's milk and sold (will be asking $200 apiece - one male, one female, CKC registered w/papers, current shots at time of sales) to hopefully happy homes. I did visit with my mother & sister for a couple hours, had some Honey Baked Ham brand turkey breast on a sandwich for Christmas Day lunch, trimmed my sister's outside ferns, which have not yet become the latest victims of Jack Frost as it's only dipped below 32 degrees Fahrenheit one night of this winter thus far.

So, here in my loft apartment, there has been computer time, listening to Traditional Christmas songs via Pandora Internet Radio via my Roku brand Internet-stream-player via my old-skool L/R Sony brand home stereo system that I've had since 1994. There has also been dog-time. The puppies like to pee on me, it seems. Then, a few minutes ago, the idea of the prose that makes up the next paragraph hit me.

Of all 365/366 days of every calendar year, including Halloween & my birthday, Christmas Day always stands head and shoulders above every other day. As soon as Midnight hits, the entire following 24 hours are part of a time-warp, of which space time becomes made entirely of snow, ice, the laughter of children, Christmas music, manger hay, Santa's cookie crumbs and reindeer corn. I sometimes get caught up in the moment, as I'm prone to do on most any day, but still: Christmas Day is pure Magic for me. Every year. This year included and, it seems, this year especially.

Merry Christmas from the most high.

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19 December 2012

Barbie Bassett & Prince Bashful

Yesterday, I met with my long-time friend, tv meterologist, local television personality and motivational speaker, Barbie Bassett, to deliver her signed-by-the-author copies of my authored books. She inspired me to write my memoir, over a year ago, mostly by writing a book herself, which I read and then a few short months later, I had written my own. There's a lot to be said for inspiring someone to do something they'd always known was in them to do.

I just wanted her to have a copy, so she could have a physical object she can look at and say to herself, "I inspired someone."

Thanks, Barbie.

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