04 May 2012

Burning Dreams

I have a recurring dream. More of a recurring theme in my dreams. I'm back DJ'ing in either a familiar club with familiar faces, or a familiar yet modified club, with familiar faces. There are always familiar faces. They are always more than glad to see me - practically worshiping my return to the mic, in most of the instances.

There is usually some degree of difficulty getting the CD players and mixing board to operate correctly, which was indeed the case many times in my real-life club days.

This morning, there was some difficulty getting me to the DJ booth, oddly. I had lost track of time in the dressing room, talking at length with several dancers. The manager was somewhat of a rookie, and I didn't know her, and instead of coming to the dressing room and demanding I return to the booth, when I finally did get back there, she and several of the dancers had been trying to DJ in my place and had royally screwed up the equipment.

Then, a team of DJ's appeared and insisted that I move to a DJ booth in the balcony of the club, which resembled a theatre more than a club. Once there, I realized that I only had a mixing board and a mic - no players. The team of DJ's in the main DJ booth below me were controlling the music. My board served the sole purpose of allowing me to control the volume levels on the two channels. They wanted me to MC, and as my voice resonated throughout the massive club, the head tech started a song that immediately brought the face of a dancer into sharp focus in my mind's eye. The song was "Burning Heart" by Vandenberg, and the dancer's face was of "Colleen," from my days at Diver's Den in 1998. She had claimed that song with such passion when I first played it for her, all these years ago. She had claimed it and she owned it then and, apparently, she owns it still: in my memory of her.

And in this morning's dream, as soon as the first couple seconds of the song announced themselves, I looked to my left into what was an upper-balcony VIP room, and Colleen was gathering up her things - just finishing a private lap dance, and was making her way with determination to the stage. Then I announced her and she began to dance. Colleen was always a very graceful dancer. That song definitely fit her to a T.

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